Tankingwith Dampcrete47Description Dampcrete47 is a latex based waterproofing product, which improves the water resistance, and mixed with Portland cement makes an effective cementitious waterproofing slurry for:

  • Rising Damp tanking of walls
  • Shower floors and walls
  • Balcony and veranda floors (under tiles)
  • Retaining walls
  • Basement walls and floors
  • Reservoirs
  • The slurry can also be used for waterproofing between two skins of external brick walling.


Characteristics / Advantages

  • Watertight
  • Ideal for basement waterproofing
  • Good abrasion resistance – used in underground silos
  • Non – toxic
  • Oil resistant


Product Data

Supplied in a 15kg box with 2 components

  • Packaging 5 litre container with white liquid
  • 10kg Portland cement mix.

Floor, slab and flat roof waterproofing requires a Fabric: Available in 1, 10 and 20 metres long by 1 meter wide rolls.


Storage – Storage Conditions / Shelf-Life

12 Months in original, unopened container. Store in a dry area between 5ºC and

35ºC. Protect from direct sunlight.



Application Details

Consumption / Dosage

  • Usage 15kg of Dampcrete47 produces:


Total Coverage

  • As a waterproofing slurry 1box will cover aprox  3 m² (with membrane), this depends on the porosity of substrate.


Substrate Preparation / Priming

  • All surfaces must be clean, sound, cured and saturated with clean water.
  • Remove all loose materials mechanically, with a wire brush, or by water or sand blasting.
  • Treat brittle substrate with Dampsure GlueBack to ensure a sound surface for waterproofing



Conditions /Limitations

  • Substrate Temperature Min. 5°C – Max. 30°C.
  • Ambient Temperature Min. 5°C – Max. 35°C.
  • Relative Air Humidity < 80 %


Application Instruction

Mixing Ratio


  • 5lts of Latex Liquid
  • plus Portland cement mix 10kgs


Waterproofing application


  • Empty the 5lt white milky liquid into a 20lt bucket and add the bag of cement powder mix slowly into the milky liquid, while mixing, to avoid the formation of lumps.
  • Mixing can be done manually or mechanically.
  • Dampcrete47 waterproofing slurry should be mechanically mixed with a slow speed mixer (set at 400-600 rpm).
  • Mixing should continue until a uniform, lump-free consistency is obtained.
  • The slurry should be mixed periodically during application to prevent settlement.


Tanking application


  • Saturate absorbent surfaces thoroughly with water.
  • While the surface is still damp, apply 1st coat of Dampcrete 47 waterproofing slurry.
  • Pre-cut the Polyfibre membrane into convenient sizes for application, then soak the fabric in the slurry. Remove the soaked membrane from the slurry and smoothly apply the soaked mebrane onto the primed substrate making sure to eliminate all air bubbles.
  • Overlaps of adjacent fabric must be a minimum of 50mm. Once the entire area to be treated is covered, apply a generous coat of the slurry and allow to dry.
  • A third and final coat of slurry is then applied to complete the application.